Good news, Windows 10 users. You can now download Netflix content

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Dream Mesh recalls that November 2016, Netflix introduced the option to download content to watch offline. So you no longer need an internet connection to watch Netflix. Unfortunately, this was only available on Android and iOS. However, five months on and Netflix is adding the option to Windows 10 too.

Netflix is one of the best streaming services in the world. It’s packed full of great content (including Netflix Originals) and offers great value for money. The option to download content to watch offline is the icing on the cake, and Windows 10 users can now join the party.

Watch Netflix Offline

As first spotted by Windows Central, Netflix has added offline viewing to its Windows 10 app. All you need to do to take advantage is find content you want to watch offline, download it to your hard drive, and then watch it at your leisure, with or without an internet connection.

Just as with the Android and iOS apps, not all content is available to watch offline. In fact, with a few notable exceptions you’re almost exclusively limited to Netflix Originals. Thankfully, that’s an increasingly impressive lineup of movies and shows, which is why the size of Netflix’ catalog has been shrinking.

You’ll know whether specific content is available to download by the presence of a Download button next to each episode. Alternatively, you can go to the main menu (in the top left-hand corner) and select Available for Download to browse all supported content. To watch downloaded content just select My Downloads.

Smallish Smartphone Screens

Windows 10 users finally have a reason to install the Netflix app rather than just visit the Netflix website. And while I’m personally more likely to download content to my smartphone than my laptop, watching Stranger Things on a small screen isn’t for everyone.

There’s no news yet on offline viewing being added to the Xbox One app or Windows 10 Mobile app. We suspect millions of you watch Netflix on an Xbox One, but surely no one is actually using Windows 10 Mobile these days, so we’re assuming it isn’t very high on Netflix’s agenda.

Do you watch Netflix on your PC? Do you use the Windows 10 app or just go directly to the website instead? Have you downloaded any content to watch offline? Are you more likely to do so on Windows 10 than Android or iOS? Please let us know in the comments below!

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